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   Goods delivery to Russia 2024-03-20
   Warm Welcome Client from USA to Paipu 2024-02-13
   2023 Annual Meeting 2024-01-29
   Moving Notice 2023-12-29
   Goods delivery to Thailand 2023-11-20
   Warm Welcome Clients from Russia to Paipu 2023-10-25
   Goods delivery to Russia 2023-09-28
   Warm welcome Mr.Kiattikun from Thailand to Paipu 2023-08-30
   Excellent employees in July 2023-07-31
   Welcome Client from Russia to Paipu 2023-05-27
   Warm Welcome Client CABLES ESTRUSTURALES to Paipu 2023-05-24
   Warm Welcome Russian Client Anton to Paipu 2023-04-14
   Notice of resumption of work 2023-02-01
   2022 Annual Meeting 2023-01-03
   Delivery goods to USA 2022-12-06
   Shipment of goods to Spain 2022-11-23
   Party building barbecue 2022-10-18
   Goods delivery to Germany 2022-08-19
   Glee Feast 2022-07-11
   Project Seminar 2022-06-10
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