Managers of Benz Visiting Paiputech Alliance
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Managers of Benz Visiting Paiputech Alliance

Managers of Benz paid a visit to Paiputech Alliance on May 20. The purpose of the visit is to enhance the mutual-understanding in the cooperation and strengthen the cooperation for future business expansion.

During the visit, a meeting was held, respectively with Benz and Paiputech Alliance. Top management of the two companies attended the meeting, including Quality Control Manager of Benz, Purchasing Manager of Benz, Technical Director of Benz, CEO of Paiputech, Sales Manager of Paiputech, Quality Control Manager of Paiputech, Product Development Manager of Paiputech and Technical Director of Paiputech.


The meeting focused on ISO9001 and TS16949 annual audit. During the meeting, a representative of Benz signed the Approval Letter.

The visit was very productive, reaching consensus on many issues and making good preparations for the further cooperation.